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A gallery of a improving teen artist. I use many programs. And i use tablets and mouse.


the best of the best <3 so cool



2012 is almost over and we survived, not that I had any doubts of course...
So what DID happen? Well a lot happened.....

I started the monster girl challenge, something I still have to finish. But doing this challenge has gave me lessons on mythologies , and another inspiration for artwork.
So many movies I saw and loved, Avengers, Skyfall, Hotel Transylvania, spiderman and I still have to see Paranorman and Wreck it Ralph.
And more fandoms of course! What's a year with out it's new fandoms?  Aaaaaa, Game of Thrones. AAAAAAAAAAAA ACE ATTORNEY. I'm sorry but how did ace attorney escape my attention I WILL NEVER KNOW. ofc avengers. Any thing Sherlock Holmes. Seriously I saw the movie and then I just wanted to read all the books. GRAVITY FRICKIN FALLS
That leads me to new actors who I found love for. I really do not need to go into detail but Jude law And chris evans WOW. SHUT ME UP NOW BEFORE I DO SOMETHING
I had my first livestream. MAN HOW FUN ARE THOSE. I plan to do more in 2013
I turned 16 i guess. I relise I will soon not longer be a child DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T ACT LIKE ONE THO.
My art improved a little
I guess I got closer to you guys...but ew people
OH this year was the first time I cosplayed at a con as Luke was okay. SHHHH IT WAS MY FIRST COSPLAY NEXT YEAR 'M GOING TO MAKE A BETTER LSP AND EDGEWORTH(a fem one ahehe) I SWEAR
I went to art classes outside of school bc my school is dumb. I learnt how to oil.
gangnam style i like that for 2 seconds

Of course , in any teenagers life there were some shaky sides of the year, but why not just point out the positive.

bUT ANYWAY. I have the last two year of school next year, so I'm probably not going to be drawing as much as I would like to. You know, studying. BUT LET'S HOPE WE ALL IMPROVE. WE CAN DO IT. I'M GUNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAA DO IT. 2013 better be fucking magical or i'm going to do something horrible. AHAHAHAHAHHAHA. LOT'S OF SHIPPING AND DRAWING AWAITS.!~
if you read all this you are a legend and get a STAR
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: two door cinema club
  • Reading: The returners Wealth
  • Watching: my life as a teenager robot
  • Playing: Justice for ALL
  • Eating: yohgurt
  • Drinking: milk


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my name is emma
i like to dance
jokes i like to draw
i like things

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omg! my young emma! your art has improved so much I want to cry in happiness!!!
I'm so proud of you!!!
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awe thank you :D i looked thru ur galery and omy i frekkin adore your art, the colors are so pretty and the facial expressions are simply great <3 c: 
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oh mY GOD THANKYOU SO MUCH. I'm like  dying of bblushinnnggg
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